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The Band

Who's Who, And in what capacity
David Schuyler (lead guitarist)
David Schuyler has a deep understanding of musical structure. Initially intrigued by the rock guitar genius of James Marshal Hendrix, David exhausted all he could get from rock music and deepened his study into older traditions. Now drawing deeply on Jazz and Blues for inspiration David attempts to create honest music. David is instrumental in the composition of Marzapan’s songs, but his major outlet of creativity is in his solos. David is currently studying music in Milwaukee
Mike Alt (Bassist)

Michael Alt has a deep passion for music and art. He has been painting since early childhood and playing bass for the last four years. Now the bass gets much more attention then his canvas Michael has always been drawn to Funk and soul. He loves powerful music that grooves. Michael composes all his bass lines and often is involved in creating chord structures. On occasion he writes lyrics. Whether painting with a brush or singing through his bass Michael alt is an artist everyday.

Kyle Shaffer-percussion

Kyle is a dedicated percussionist who desires to innovate. He draws extensively from complex rhythmic traditions in funk rock and jazz-fusion. Kyle also is studying music theory and hopes to pursue a degree in music from the university of Madison. He sings backup vocals on some of the new material and guitar on his own. Kyle is finishing up high school in Muskego.

Trevor Owens ( Vocals, Guitar, Violin)
Trevor has been studding music since he was five. In kindergarten he began to play violin, initially it was a love hate relationship but over time he learned to relay on his instrument. In Marzapan Trevor’s primary concern is the lyrics. He desires to offer meaningful and soulful statements. Trevor is working towards a major in History, philosophy and the history of science at the University of Wisconsin.

"I View my life as a chance to grow,
to see the world through a different
perspective. Music is my creative
outlet. I can freely express myself
in words and in sound. I hope our
music will effect you in some way
shape of form.